Miura K-Grind 2.0 wedge adds precision milling and lofts to scalloped sole design


The Miura K-Grind 2.0 wedge, an update of the distinctive original from half a dozen years ago, again illustrates that Miura’s designs aren’t just limited to the traditional expected shapes. That said, the K-Grind 2.0 still incorporates the company’s focus on the feel of a classic forged blade.

The K-Grind 2.0 is memorable for its scalloped or knuckled sole grind, which features three crescent cuts in the sole designed to keep the club moving through a variety of lies in sand or rough. The sole cuts are designed to make the sole less of an impediment, channeling away grass and sand so the club maintains its momentum through impact. The scallop feature on the sole’s trailing edge combine with heel and toe relief to increase the sole’s versatility.

Another element bringing the K-Grind 2.0 wedge to modern standards is a new face milling pattern to ensure consistent face flatness, precise groove patterns and surface roughness.

Like all Miura forgings, the K-Grind 2.0 wedge is forged at headquarters in Himeji, Japan, using the company’s 14-step forging process.

The K-Grind 2.0 is available in five lofts (52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees; $295), two more than the original, at authorized Miura dealers and on the company’s website, where customers can build their own custom wedge including 19 shaft options and 14 grips.

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